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Who Am I?

I often tell my clients that are new to therapy that finding a therapist is hard, but finding the right therapist for you is even harder. Coming to therapy, admitting you are struggling and being emotional in front of a total stranger can be intimidating. Take your time, ask lots of questions, and spend time doing your research.

So, you wanna know if I am a right fit for you? Well here is a little bit about me.

Hi, I am Ronda Davis and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and this is my business, Healing Feathers LLC. As a little girl I had always known that I wanted to help people. I had a dim dream back then that I was going to one day own my own business. Reaching out to help children who come from dysfunctional backgrounds and families. I wanted to be the voice that I never had growing up.

As a young girl I was born when the idea of a single, father having sole custody of his daughter did not really exist. Not really understanding the stigma's of "normal" , I received a lot of awkward questions while growing up: Who is going to do your hair? Who is going to help you paint your nails? Who is going to talk to you about boys? To me the answer never changed, uh DAD..? He was my best friend and there was not a time I thought I would turn out broken or abnormal because he raised me.

I eventually made the decision that I wanted to one day become a therapist. I wanted to help people overcome their traumas, their heartbreaks, their abuse, their dysfunctional family lives and their "problems".

I graduated from the University of Utah, double majoring in my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Studies and Sociology. I then took a chance and went on an adventure where I chose to get my Masters in Social Work Degree at the University of Hawai'i in Manoa.

When I initially began to research what population I wanted to work with I chose substance abuse. Yes, they were a more difficult crowd to work with but seeing that something that has taken so much from them and seeing them get their life back on track was a very rewarding, empowering experience. I then took a chance and wanted to work with the children whose parent(s) were inpatient at a residential facility. My goal was to reunify and rebond these children with their parents. I can honestly say this was the hardest job of my life. Having felt the amount of anger and pain that child was in and seeing how little each of the children understood about what was happening was heartbreaking.

When I returned back to Utah after graduating I had no idea what type of therapist I wanted to be. I have always liked crisis, intense trauma and reaching out to people who need it most. I eventually found a private practice in Murray, where I would spend the next few years learning a lot about myself, other professionals, and the fact that everyone has problems! It does not matter what type of facade a person chooses to put on - behind closed doors their garbage stinks just as bad as another.

I decided that I wanted to specialize in three different areas: 1) severe trauma, 2) adolescents and 3) adults with an intense history of abuse. Now why... some people ask because "those are the hardest to work with"? My answer is exactly that, because these are the people that are in need of the most help and yet they often are the most avoided. About two years ago, I lost my dad. Although, it was the worst pain I have yet to endure that experience also gave me the clarity I needed in order to be here today. I opened my own private practice and I get to still serve those who are in need.

I believe that everyone has a purpose to their life and they have an impact on this life. I believe that anyone is capable of overcoming their trauma(s), but no one else is going to solve this riddle for you. It is going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of tears and finally someone reminding you that it is okay to be vulnerable. My favorite line to use: you have to be okay with not being okay right now. I believe that trauma is something awful that has happened to many of us and at times it feels that we are never going to "get over it". This is what I challenge to each of my clients, if you can be brave and vulnerable to overcome your darkest days. Then I can vow to you I will try everything within my known power to help you find that sunnier path that is free from your past.

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