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Now Offering Weekly
Yoga for Mental Health Classes!

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What is it?

These classes are  more specialized practice of yoga without needing to be an expert in yoga! Its goal is to provide a safe place to encourage healing within your body to promote health and a better well-being. 

This practice is designed to support and provide a different type of release for those who struggle with mental and physical challenges. The variation of poses are specifically used for body aches, stress, anxiety, tension, headaches and other ailments. 

This style of yoga takes a different approach than traditional yoga and promotes a strong mind-body connection. The instructor will best assess the needs and limitations of each class in order to keep each pose safe and supportive according to your needs. 

This class is taught by a licensed yoga therapist, however there will be no processing and communicating like in therapy. We will communicate using our bodies by movement and stretching. The therapeutic benefits are for you to connect with your emotional side and divine energy as well as physically feel better!

When & Where
is it?

We offer these classes weekly on:

Monday evenings 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Classes are held in the yoga studio of our office building; 

4578 S. Highland Drive, Suite 100 -- Millcreek, UT 84117

How much is it? 

Each class that you take is $10!

We allow a limited number of people in these classes, so book your spot early and ahead of time! 

How to book?

Click the link and reserve your spot now!

Let’s Work Together

4578 S. Highland Drive, Suite 350

Tel: 801-906-8520

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