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Mental Health Therapy

Healing Feathers was established with the belief that every person is unique and different. Although, we all can be similar and share in common life experiences no one person is the same as another. The symbolic meaning of a feather in many cultures represent communication (messages from those who have passed), power (being able to withstand the elements), worthiness (being deserving of greatness), faith (trusting in something unknown), and being free (letting go or shedding our past). 

It is our goal to help inspire change in one's life by healing a person with the holism intent: to treat both our mind and body. At Healing Feathers, we treat each client as their own individual. Focusing each session to meet the unique needs that are specific to them. We use a wide range of therapeutic techniques that are more traditional, evidence based practices along with mindful approaches.


We want to be able to teach clients about their trauma(s) and symptoms, then explain the reasons they are being affected in the present day. We want every person to know they are worthy of love, they are deserving of great things, they are capable of everlasting change, and that they can overcome their past.    

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