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DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group - To identify and better regulate uncomfortable emotions, increase distress tolerance, learn mindfulness techniques, practice proper communication skills and learn coping skills to better prepare for intensive trauma therapy. 

This is an 8 week course commitment - participating in all 8 weeks is required. 

$30 a week - $240 total for all 8 weeks. Payment in full is preferred.

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DBT Advanced is a highly requested group to further your understanding of DBT skills and to learn more in depth knowledge of these techniques. Taking this group you will learn how to better cope with stressful situations, reduce crisis responses and better form healthier relationships. You must participate and complete DBT Basic group in order to participate in this group. 

$280 for all 8 weeks

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Spots Are Limited...
  • For the respect and care of those participating in this group, it will be a "closed" group. Meaning if you do not register, you will not be allowed to join. 

  • No more than 10 participants at a time due to intended intimacy of group.

  • We want this to be engaging for each person but intimate because of the intensity of work we will be doing.